Аббревиатуры, используемые производителями BJD и авторами

AA: (doll company) Abio Angel
AE: (doll company) Asleep Eidolon
AES : (doll) Angel Elf Soo, a LUTS Delf girl
AF: (doll company) Angel Fantasy
AIL: (doll company) Alice In Labyrinth
AIR: (doll company) Astral in Rainbow
AOD: (doll company) Angel of Dream
AR: (doll company) Angel Region, now part of Soom
AR: (eye maker) Antique Rose, a maker of glass eyes
AS: (doll company) Angell-Studio
B&G: (doll company) B&G Dolls
BBB: (doll company) Bobobie
BC: (doll company) Bambicrony
BF: (doll company) BlueFairy
BH: (doll company) Bishonen House
BTSSB: Baby the Stars Shine Bright, a Japanese clothing maker that has done several collaborations with Volks
CCC: (doll company) Charles’ Creature Cabinet
CD: (doll company) Camellia Dynasty
CH: (doll company) Custom House
CP: (doll company) Cerberus Project, the group that sculpted the original Delf line and now sculpts all of Fairyland’s dolls
DD: (doll line) Dollfie Dream, a line of vinyl-bodied 60cm dolls by Volks
DDdy: (doll line) Dollfie Dream Dynamite, a line of vinyl-bodied 60cm dolls by Volks
DDE: (doll distributor) Denver Doll Emporium
DES : (doll) Dark Elf Soo, a LUTS Delf girl
DF: (doll line) Delf, a 60cm line by LUTS and Cerberus Project
DF: (doll company) DollFamily
DG: (doll company) Demon Garden
DIM: (doll company) Doll In Mind
DK: (doll company) Dolkot
DM: (doll company) Dollmore
DoB: (doll line) Dream of Baby, a tiny line by Dream of Doll
DoC: (doll line) Dream of Child, a 43cm doll line by Dream of Doll
DoD: (doll company) Dream of Doll
DoI: (doll line) Dream of Idol, a 70cm line by Dream of Doll
DoT: (doll line) Dream of Teen, a 60cm line by Dream of Doll
DS: (doll company) Dollshe
DT: (doll company) Dollstown
DZ: (doll company) Dollzone
EA: (eye maker) Ethereal Angels, a maker of urethane eyes
ED: (doll company) Elfdoll
ED: (eye maker) Enchanted Doll, doll eye company
EID: (doll line) Elder Iplehouse Doll, a 70cm line by Iplehouse
FCS: (doll line) Full Choice System offered by Volks to create your own doll
Fdoll: (doll company) Fantasy Doll
FFD: (doll line) For Five Days, a limited ordering period for Mecha Angel by Soom
FMD: (doll company) For My Doll
HD: (doll company) Happy Doll
HDF: (doll line) Honey Delf, a tiny line by LUTS
HM: (doll company) Hypermaniac
HZ: (doll company) Heisejinyao Ziyulinglong
IH: (doll company) Iplehouse
IDS: (doll company) I-doll Studio
IOS: (doll company) Immortality of Soul
JDF: (doll line) Junior Delf, a 60cm line by LUTS
JID: (doll line) Junior Iplehouse Doll, a 43cm line by Iplehouse
JP: (doll company) Jollyplus
KDF: (doll line) Kid Delf, a 43cm line by LUTS
LD: (doll company) LatiDoll
LF: (doll line) Little Fair, a 43cm line by Angel Region
LH: (doll company) Lovely House
LS: (doll company) Loongsoul
LSG: (general term) Light Slate Gray, one of the skincolors of Bambicrony’s special colored elves
LTF: (doll line) LittleFee, a tiny line by Fairyland
LLT / LLDT (doll company): La Légende de Temps
MD: (doll company) Mythdoll
MD: (doll line) Monthly Doll, a limited edition line by Soom
MDD: (doll line) Mini Dollfie Dream, a line of vinyl-bodied 43cm dolls by Volks
MG: (doll company) Migidoll
MNF: (doll line) MiniFee, a 43cm line by Fairyland
MnM: (doll line) MiniMee, made-to-order doll heads by Doll In Mind
MoC: (doll distributor) Mint on Card
MP: (eye maker) Masterpiece, doll eye company
MSC: (general term) Mr. Super Clear, a protective sealant used in faceups
MSD: (doll line) Mini Super Dollfie, a 43cm line by Volks. Also commonly used as a general term for bjds around similar size range
MW: (doll company) MinoruWorld
NDL: (doll company) Notdoll Lab
OE: (doll line) Open Eyes, the open-eyed version of several Dollshe dolls
PF: (doll line) Pocket Fairy, a tiny line by BlueFairy
PKF: (doll line) PukiFee, a tiny line by Fairyland
PW: (doll company) PeaksWoods
RML: (doll company) Real Missing Link
RS: (doll company) ResinSoul
RS: (general term) Real Skin, a peachy resin color by LUTS; also a term for translucent tan resin by Iplehouse
SA: (doll line) Silent Afternoon, the half-closed eye version of several Dollshe dolls
SD: (doll line) Super Dollfie, a softer, younger 60cm body type by Volks. Also commonly used as a general term for bjds around similar size range
SD: (doll company) Souldoll
SD13: (doll line) Super Dollfie 13, a body type by Volks boys are 60cm, and girls 57cm. Meant to look like teens at about 13 years of age.
SD16: (doll line) Super Dollfie 16, a 65cm body type by Volks, meant to look like teens at about 16 years of age
SD17: (doll line) Super Dollfie 17, a 65cm body by Volks, considered to be the largest and most mature in looks of the Volks line.
SDC: (doll line) Super Dollfie Cute, roughly 42-44cm line by Volks, smaller sized dolls with a more mature look
SDF: (doll line) Senior Delf, a 60cm line by LUTS
SDGr: (doll line) Super Dollfie Graffiti, a slimmer 60cm line by Volks
SG: (doll line) Super Gem, a 65cm line by Soom
SNG: (doll company) So Nyeon Gi
SS: (general term) «Shallow Sleep,» the term for the Delf heads with half-closed eyes
SSDF: (doll line) Super Senior Delf, a 70cm line by LUTS
TE: (general term) Tender Elf, a term used for Dream of Doll’s elf-eared heads with half-closed eyes
TF: (doll line) Tiny Fairy, a 43cm line by BlueFairy
UD: (doll company) Unidoll
YID: (doll line) Young Iplehouse Doll, a 60cm line by Iplehouse
YoSD: (doll line) Yo Super Dollfie, a 26.5cm line by Volks «Yo» refers to the Japanese word for infant. Commonly used as a general term for bjds around similar size range, also known as «tiny/tinies»
ZDF: (doll line) Zuzu Delf, an anthro line by LUTS